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TAP Long Toss Building Block

This 49 min DVD answers several key questions including the philosophy behind long toss, countering critics, the actual process/method as well as the frequency at different stages in the season. $39.95

The Pitcher’s Toolbox

Pitching Drills That Make Pitchers More Efficient & Effective. This two DVD set features Coach Ron Wolforth & Coach Flint Wallace showing the latest throwing drills being used at Pitching Central & Ron Wolforth’s Baseball Ranch. They are a combination

Brent Strom’s Enhancing the Curveball

Whether you’re a youth pitcher just learning to throw a curveball or a high school player trying to fine tune your curveball, former Major League pitching & pitching coach Brent Strom shares the secrets to the pitch he credits for

Revolutionizing Your Bullpen & Hierarchy of Mechanical Efficiencies

These two DVDs represent two presentations by Coach Wolforth. The first, Revolutionizing Your Bullpens shows 12 different types of bullpens including a “Visualization pen”, a “Rhythm & Tempo pen”, a “Velocity pen”, a “Velocity + Command pen”, and a “Competition Pen” just to name a


This DVD features Coach Ron Wolforth & Coach Brent Strom discussing and answering the frequently asked question “How do I get my drill work to carry over to the mound?” This DVD shows how the “Blending” concept does just that. See examples of different successful