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TAP Long Toss Building Block

This 49 min DVD answers several key questions including the philosophy behind long toss, countering critics, the actual process/method as well as the frequency at different stages in the season. $39.95

The Pitcher’s Toolbox

Pitching Drills That Make Pitchers More Efficient & Effective. This two DVD set features Coach Ron Wolforth & Coach Flint Wallace showing the latest throwing drills being used at Pitching Central & Ron Wolforth’s Baseball Ranch. They are a combination

Brent Strom’s Enhancing the Curveball

Whether you’re a youth pitcher just learning to throw a curveball or a high school player trying to fine tune your curveball, former Major League pitching & pitching coach Brent Strom shares the secrets to the pitch he credits for

Pitchers on the Ropes

One of the newest and most popular tools for training strength and conditioning for baseball/softball players is the use of giant ropes. On this DVD you’ll learn 23 different exercises using the ropes to give you a full body workout.

Chain Training for Baseball Players

SpeedChains™ are a unique method for building and improving explosive power, speed and quickness for the whole body. This Chain Training for Baseball Players DVD takes  you through a series of 45+ exercises utilizing the various SpeedChains™. The training assists