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2011 Ultimate Pitching Coaches Bootcamp DVD Set

A 7 DVD set and manual of our 2011 Ultimate Pitching Coaches Bootcamp. The speakers from 2011 were: Coach Wolforth, Lee Fiochi, Derek Johnson, Any McKay, Perry Husband, Brent Strom and Andy Arthur. $199.00

The NEW Athletic Pitcher

Our newest product, featuring all the newest training being used at the Ranch and Pitching Central including pronation drills, ankle/hip mobility, thoracic spine mobility, and many new throwing drills. $249.00

The Combat Pitcher

8-12 year old Edition This 4 DVD set and companion notebook is designed for the young pitcher between the ages of 8 and 12. The 4 DVDs are broken down and indclude: • Warm-up/Wake-up • Skill-specific Functional Strength • Arm Care, and •

Pitchers on the Ropes

One of the newest and most popular tools for training strength and conditioning for baseball/softball players is the use of giant ropes. On this DVD you’ll learn 23 different exercises using the ropes to give you a full body workout.

Chain Training for Baseball Players

SpeedChains™ are a unique method for building and improving explosive power, speed and quickness for the whole body. This Chain Training for Baseball Players DVD takes  you through a series of 45+ exercises utilizing the various SpeedChains™. The training assists