Inner Circle Membership

What is the Inner Circle all about?

    • In late 2003, Coach Wolforth developed the concept of creating a small group of like minded, progressive, innovative, forward thinking men who shared pitching as a passion and wished to be challenged and share information and training ideas on a regular basis
    • Some in the group would be regular contributors and actively work to shape and direct the information (about 25% of the members).  Others would simply listen and watch and give feedback from afar (about 75% of the members).
    • In December 2004, that concept became a reality.  There were 27 Charter members to the original Inner Circle.  Two years later that number has grown and now exceeds 50 coaches.  The group is made up of professional, college, & high school coaches & academy owners.


“Every Monday I look forward to getting the weekly insight (email) from Coach Wolforth.  If I don’t get to read it by Monday night my wife says I get cranky.  And the monthly audio CD interviews are incredible.  They just keep me grounded and up to date.  And with Brent & Ron, staying ‘current’ is saying something.  Those guys are constantly tweaking and testing.  Everybody talks about constantly growing and learning…but with the Inner Circle, it’s like I get to eaves drop on Ron & Brent every week.”

Gary Hatch
Head Coach Sehome HS, Bellingham WA
Assistant Coach, Team USA Junior Olympic Team


“If I were forced to only keep one thing in my pitching library, you can keep my books, videos, and DVD’s. But let me keep my Pitching Central Inner Circle membership.  A book or DVD begins to become obsolete to some degree as soon as it is published.  This is an ever growing, ever evolving entity.  The monthly interviews with Ken Knutson and other top coaches are awesome.  I truly believe in 10-15 years people will reference this group as THE group that changed the way we teach and train pitchers.”

Wes Johnson
Abundant Life HS
Maumelle, AR


PLATINUM Membership
$99.95 U.S. / $109.95 International per month

  • ALL GOLD + Tele-Coaching BENEFITS PLUS…..
  • FREE Admission to ONE Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp (w/ 6 month paid current membership) $599 Value
  • Video Analysis every 6 months for 1 pitcher
  • Platinum Insert (supplement to Pitching With Confidence newsletter) Exclusively for Platinum Members
  • Direct Access oto Coach Wolforth via Fax
  • PLATINUM ONLY call-in days with Coach Ron Wolforth & Coach Brent Strom
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GOLD + Tele-Coaching Membership
$69.95 U.S. / $79.95 International per month

  • Weekly email of important ideas, reminders, tips, commentary – to nag, nudge, provoke and motivate you
  • Four (4) special ‘closed door’, live teleseminar and telecoaching calls
  • CD’s of all 4 telecoaching calls
  • Open Q&A time with the opportunity to submit questions during each call
  • GOLD+ ONLY call in days with Coach Ron Wolforth & Coach Brent Strom
  • Periodic WEBCASTING of new things taking place at Pitching Central
  • Gold + Only FREE Yearly Networking Event at the “Ultimate Pitching Coaches Boot Camp”
  • Periodic Faxes of special articles, pictures, findings related to pitching, business and life
  • Periodic FREE Mystery Gift
  • GOLD + Member Directory in order to encourage networking and using members as resources
  • FREE Admission to the “Ultimate Pitching Coaches Boot Camp” in December OR FREE copy of the Event on DVD (w/ 6 months paid current membership)
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  • Priority status response from the Pitching Central office

GOLD Membership
$39.95 U.S. / $49.95 International per month

  • The Pitching with Confidence: Get 3 Before They Get 1″ Monthly Newsletter
  • Monthly Exclusive Inner Circle CD Interview
  • First notice and priority on Pitching Centralproducts and events
  • 50% DISCOUNT to “Ultimate Pitching Coaches Boot Camp” OR receive DVD’s of the event for 50% off (w/ 6 month paid current membership)