Mother of All Offers

This offer includes all of the following DVDs: “The NEW Athletic Pitcher” – 4 DVD set & companion manual (Regularly $249) “The Pitcher’s Toolbox” – 2 DVD set (Regularly $99.95), “Blending” (Regularly $99.95) “Revolutionizing Your Bullpen” DVD (Regularly $59.95) “Ultimate Pitching Coaches Bootcamp 2013” – 8 DVD set & companion manual (Regularly $399), “Enhancing the Curveball” with Coach Brent Strom, (Regularly $49.95), “Pitchers on the Ropes” (Regularly $59.95), “Chain Training for Pitchers” (Regularly $59.95) the Connection, Command, Long Toss, Deceleration and Hip Mobility Building Blocks AND the set of all 7 Disconnection DVDs: Forearm Flyout, Elevated Distal Humerus, Inverted W, Crossing Acromial Line, Gloveside out of Sequence, Disconnect of the Directional Leg and Inefficient use of the Glute/ Pelvis . That’s over 50% off the total price if each product purchased separately.